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PEACHI - You're a babe, own it!

PEACHI is for the modern-day woman with a never-ending to-do list, but still finds time to take care of her body. We are all about day-to-night looks which are equally functional as they are beautiful. 

Our pieces are tested in-house for durability, functionality and fit before each release, to make sure they meet all your needs for an active lifestyle. 


At PEACHI, every day is Earth Day!

PEACHI cares for the environment. As much as possible, we use good-old plastic-free cardboard packaging which can be re-purposed or recycled at your neighbourhood recycling bins (the blue ones!).

We communicate with our suppliers to ensure that they understand the importance of adopting sustainable practices while working with PEACHI, and our suppliers have been briefed to adopt similar minimal packaging requirements for all shipments to our warehouse.


Life's a peach, stay PEACHI! ♥

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IG: @wearpeachi