PEACHI PERKS is our customer loyalty programme that rewards you with exclusive perks. We want to show you that we appreciate you!

We have made this super straight-forward, no frills, easy to understand and completely free! Just create a customer account and you will automatically be included in PEACHI PERKS

Click on the gift icon on the bottom right hand corner of our website to access your PEACHI PERKS account! 


Refer a friend and get rewarded!

Introduce the magic of PEACHI to your friend and both of you get SGD5 OFF!


Every customer customer who creates an account with PEACHI will be provided with a unique URL which can be shared with your friend. You can access it through the PEACHI PERKS launcher at the bottom right hand corner of our website. 

When the referred friend clicks the URL and enters their email, they will get their reward of SGD5 OFF!

The referred friend will then have the ability to click 'Apply Code' - which directly adds the code to their shopping cart. If they then go on to make a purchase, the referrer will get SGD5 OFF on their next purchase! 


Terms & Conditions

1. Discounts mentioned above have a SGD85 minimum spend requirement. 

2. The referred friend has to be a new customer to PEACHI who has not made a purchase with us before. Email, billing and shipping information should be different from the referrer. 

3. There is no maximum number of referrals each member can redeem. However, your order will not be processed accordingly if the referral is considered suspicious or fraudulent. 


Earn Peaches and get rewarded!

Collect 300 Peaches and get SGD10 off, it is as simple as that!

You can earn Peaches in the following ways:

1. Every SGD1 spent gives you 1 Peach. 

2. Rate and review the pieces purchased on our website to earn 5 Peaches.

3. Tag us on Instagram/ Facebook featuring our pieces to earn 5 Peaches.

P.S. Peaches are life-long and do not expire for now! 


Terms & Conditions

1. Discounts mentioned above have a SGD85 minimum spend requirement. 

2. If a refund has been requested and processed, Peaches will be deducted accordingly.

3. Please do not leave the email field blank when you submit a review on the website, so that we are able to identify your customer account and award Peaches accordingly! (Email addresses will not be shown when the review is published.) Multiple reviews for each product (same style and colour) will only be rewarded once. Reviews should be posted within 1 month of purchase. 

4.  For posts/ stories on IG/ FB, please make sure that your account is set to public and tag us at @wearpeachi. Posts which contain non-repetitive pieces will be rewarded. 

5. Peaches awarded for website reviews/ IG/ FB posts and stories may take up to 7 working days to be processed.


Is retrospective accumulation of Peaches allowed for spending and reviews prior to the launch of Peachi Perks?

Yes! Peaches have been added based on amount spent since our launch on 25 April 2020. You can still retrospectively claim Peaches for website reviews/ posts and stories on IG/ FB for purchases more than 1 month old until 14 June 2020. However, additional Peaches will not be awarded to customers who were previously already rewarded for reviews.

For any discrepancies in Peaches, please reach out to us at and we will look into it. :)


Stay PEACHI! ;)